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Learn  kite  surfing!

Only official IKO certified kite centre in Cape Town!
We teach every windy day at our 3 locations; Langebaan, Kitebeach or Big Bay.

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Looking for a new addiction that’s not only highly spectacular but also perfect for the body, soul and mind?


Kitesurfing is exploding in popularity all over the world! With its combo of consistent winds and

perfect spots Cape Town which is known as Mecca to Kitesurfers is THE place to find out what the craze is all about. With lessons running daily from our team of experienced and qualified instructors we will have you up and riding safely in no time at all.


People of all ages can learn! 


Try it now and book a lesson by one of our IKO certified instructors. The kite surfing school can cater for all kitesurfing skill levels from beginner to advanced kitesurfers. 


Kite surfing lessons breakdown


All the latest and safest gear! We are using RRD kites, RRD boards and Mystic hardware.


  • Step 1: Introduction to Kitesurfing - Includes safety, equipment setup, understanding the wind and land based flying.
  • Step 2: Water Introduction - Includes large kite handling, self-launch and body dragging.
  • Step 3: Water Skills - Includes advanced body dragging, water re-launch and basic board skills.
  • Step 4: Board Basics - Includes water starts and first ride.
  • Step 5: Supervised Riding and Tips - Riding with power, change of direction and holding an edge.



A maximum of two students per instructor in a 'group' lesson to guarantee the best experience!


We are open seven days a week as long as the wind is blowing! 


Prices below are per person.


  • 2 hrs introduction course:

    800 Rand (private lesson 1200 Rand)


  • 1 day course (4hrs):

    1600 Rand (private lesson 2400 Rand)


  • 3 day course (12hrs):

    4000 Rand (private lessons 6000 Rand)


  • 5 day course (20hrs):   

6000 Rand (private lessons 9000 Rand)


  • Refreshment courses: 
    (private with your own gear or our gear)

   2 hrs: 1200 Rand
   4 hrs: 2400 Rand

 We suggest we take you on a guided downwinder if your level suits the conditions. 
(200R extra for shuttle transport)


Boost like a pro!

Pro clinics in wave, big air or freestyle with riders such as Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, Steven Akkersdijk, Carl Ferreira and Lewis Crathern. All 'Red Bull - King of the Air' athletes and friends of High-Five. They are all keen to do a pro clinic during Cape Town Summer Season. Send a mail for more info.

Kite board rentals

Kite surf rental

Kites are by RRD (Vision & Religion). The best kites out there!

Twintips by RRD too. All gear tested and developed in South Africa.


Disclaimer: We do not rent in conditions of 25knots+ wind or 1.5m+ waves.

Kitesurfing Rentals (full day):

R800 Complete set

R400 Kite + bar

R200 Board (twintip or waveboard)

R100 Wetsuit

R100 Harness



We suggest to buy kitesurf gear if you want to rent for more than 1 week.
We can even make you a deal on your new or used kitesurf gear with a 'buy-back guarantee'. 
Don't forget: you get 14% VAT return at the airport, so buying your kitegear in Cape Town is cheap.

Please contact us for a price concerning your needs!

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