Tarifa Kite Adventures – May 2024

High Five Kite Community Presents:

Tarifa Kite Adventures

May 2024

Welcome to an exhilarating chapter in our kite journey – where the wind, waves, and our vibrant community spirit take us to the stunning shores of Tarifa, Spain!

Tarifa is the home away from our Cape Town kite home to which the kite surfing community flocks in order to keep the deep set adrenaline filled love of kitesurfing going beyond the Cape Town season.

As a tiny little Spanish village solely focused around kite surfing, the vibe generated is hard to explain, you need to experience it yourself.

Packed with kiters from all over the world, including big air professionals training for the upcoming Tarifa GKA event (window period in May), new kiters being introduced to this life changing sport, or just general kite community wind chasers, this place at this time is hard to beat.

We want you to experience it all with us and the High Five Kite Community.

Who’s Joining?

The High Five Family, together with some thrilling partners, are gearing up for an adventure that promises not just kite surfing, but a celebration of our shared stoke.

This is for everyone – whether you’re a seasoned kiter or just beginning to harness the wind. We’re all about inclusivity, good vibes, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

What's included?


Stay at a fantastic kite house near the city centre. It’s not just a place to rest; it’s a place to bond, share stories, and laugh until it hurts.


We’ve got the logistics covered, so you can focus on the fun.

Morning Team Exercise

Let’s start the day in the right way. Join us for morning yoga or a workout.

Daily Breakfast

Fuel up each morning with the team, because every great day starts with a great meal.

The Dream Team

With the High Five team there to experience this with you, enjoy a hassle-free journey planned by our passionate team, blending thrilling activities, unique experiences, and all essential admin for an unforgettable, tailored trip.

Extras (at additional cost):

Advanced Coaching with Loïc

Elevate your kite surfing to new heights with High Five and Loïc de Coninck’s Big Air Program

Kite Lessons

Wanting to start from scratch, no problem, we’ve team up with one of the best schools in Tarifa to give you world class lessons

Lunch and Dinner

We will show you where, but what you get is on you

Other Adventure Activities

There are plenty of exciting options of activities (see below), these will be planned for the team and paid separately.

Kite Adventures Awaits

Get top-notch spot guidance and kite lessons from the best school in Tarifa.
Opt for advanced coaching with renowned kite coach, Loic de Coinnick.
Explore various kite spots and indulge in general good kite feels, both on and off the water.

Beyond Kiting

Unwind with post-session activities, including drinks, braais (BBQs), and boogies.
Savor dinners at fabulous city centre restaurants, adding a delicious twang to our adventure.
Explore Tarifa with our unique High Five twist – we promise you the authentic local experience.

No Wind? No Problem!

Embrace mountain biking, hikes, yoga, and breathwork.
Relax with beach days and explore with day trips.

What This Means for You

This is more than a trip; it’s a chance to deepen connections, share the stoke, and experience the true essence of kite surfing with a group that feels like family. We’re committed to making sure everyone feels welcome, valued, and part of this incredible journey.

Join us for a ‘lekker’ time in Tarifa. Let’s ride the wind, make new friends, and create unforgettable stories together. This is your invitation to be part of something truly special – a week of pure joy and adventure!

Ready to join High Five in Tarifa?

Mark your calendars for May 2024, enquire here about pricing and more information.

This is not work for us, it’s our lives, our passions and our community. We want YOU to experience it and we cannot wait share this incredible experience with you!

The High Five Team

Amy Wilson

High Five Owner

Female Big Air Enthusiast
Self-proclaimed professional body dragger (“If you’re not crashing, you’re not progressing”)
Queen of the Beer Pong Redemption shot

David “Dassie” Nell

High Five Owner

Current High Five WOO leader (by 10cm)
Growing the balls to throw that Late Back
Cannot say no to another beer

Selwyn Slotegraaf

High Five Manager

King of the Board Off Kiteloop Chicken loop release
Master of giving you the confidence you need to just go for the trick you’ve been wanting to try!
Professional vibe creator

Loïc de Coninck

DC Kitesurfing Advanced Coaching

Professional Big Air Kite Surfing Coach
Late Back Liason
Ask him about his hardest crashes