Let’s get high

Elevate your kite surfing to new heights with High Five and Loic de Coninck’s Big Air Program

Welcome to the ultimate big air kite surfing experience! We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between High Five and DC Kitesurfing. Our combined expertise brings you a specialized program designed to transform your kite surfing skills.

What can you expect?

Unmatched Expertise for Unparalleled Growth
Big Air Coach, Loïc de Coninck, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to our program. Under his guidance, you will explore and master the most thrilling aspects of big air kite surfing.

Tailored Training for Every Aspirant
Our program caters to intermediate and seasoned kiters aiming to perfect their big air techniques. We provide personalized training, ensuring that each session is aligned with your skill level and goals.

Safety First, Adrenaline Always
Safety is our top priority. We blend adrenaline-packed sessions with a strong emphasis on safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning environment. Our comprehensive safety protocols and expert guidance mean you can focus on soaring high with confidence.

Your Adventure Awaits
Ready to take your kite surfing to breathtaking heights? Join us at High Five and Loïc de Coninck’s Big Air Program. Sign up now and embark on an adventure where the sky is not the limit, but your playground!


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