High Five Presents: The Big Woop

In Collaboration with Lieuwe and WOO


Get ready for a thrilling month of high-flying action with the High Five Height Competition, in partnership with WOO Sports Kite and Lieuwe Boarding. From the 8th of January, this month is your month to soar higher than ever!

Test ride custom Lieuwe big air boards and push your limits to set a new personal best, while joining in the stoke of an epic competition.

This competition is not just about height; it’s about adrenaline, bragging rights, and the chance to snag unbelievably exciting prizes!

Competition Duration:

The event takes flight on Monday 8 January and runs until Thursday 8 February. Winners will be announced at the official END OF COMPETITION BRAAI at High Five on that Thursday, where the prizes will be announced, organised and handed out.


Basic Rules: This competition is a chance for you to demo the custom made Lieuwe kiteboards and experience the thrill of recording your jump heights through the epic new WOO 4.0 technology.

The competition area is in front of High Five, 68 Beach Boulevard, Table View, where all riders will have their sessions. This is to keep the general stoke of the competition constantly flowing and to be able to monitor and record the sessions on the physical leaderboard at High Five.

Board and Tech Setup: We have 10 custom-made Lieuwe twintip boards (Falcon, Shotgun, Oceana), each equipped with a WOO 4.0 mount and a Demo WOO for tracking your jumps.

Registration and Equipment Allocation: Sign up at High Five, located at 68 Beach Boulevard. Upon registration, you’ll be allocated a Lieuwe board and a WOO device for your session.

Session and Tracking: Head out for your session right in front of the school. There’s currently no time limit for each session, but we may introduce one based on demand. After your session, your WOO data will be logged using the #Highfivexlieuwe tag and added to the WOO Leaderboard at the school and on the WOO app.

Unlimited Attempts: Feel free to have as many sessions as you like. The only potential limit is time, which will be managed by the High Five team to ensure fair leaderboard opportunities for everyone.

Steps for The BIG WOOP:

1. Register and sign the waiver at High Five kite school
2. Follow @highfivekite , @lieuweboards and @woosportskite
3. Choose or get assigned your Lieuwe Board and Woo for your session
4. Absolutely send it
5. Come back to the school and upload your session using the #highfivexlieuwe tag
6. Your name will go up on the leaderboard at the school and on the WOO app
7. Sit back and soak up the vibe
8. Come back and repeat as many times as you’d like!

Join us for the END OF COMPETITION braai on Thursday 8 February where the winners will be announced and arrangements for boards etc. will be made
Follow our social media for daily updates on the vibe and the leaderboard


We have teamed up with WOO and Lieuwe and some other amazing sponsors (like Buub sunscreen) and the prizes could not be better. Among other small and exciting prizes,

Highest Male Jumper:
(Your choice of type), including fins and straps!
This goes to the man who records the highest jump during the competition!

Highest Female Jumper:
(Your choice of type), including fins and straps!
This goes to the woman who records the highest jump during the competition!

Lucky Draw:
Every person who participates in the competition enters the lucky draw.
Even if you are not jumping into the stratosphere, you still stand a chance to win an epic prize, a WOO 4.0. If that is not incentive to come and join in the fun, I don’t know what is?
The lucky draw will determine the winner of the final prize, ensuring that every participant has a chance to win, regardless of their jumping height.
The raffle draw will be held at the end of the competition.

Safety Measures:

Safety is our priority. Every participant is required to sign a waiver at registration, ensuring a clear understanding of the risks and responsibilities.

Weather Conditions:

We embrace the unpredictability of the wind. The competition will run regardless of varying weather conditions.


Spectators are welcome to watch and cheer along the shores. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness kiteboarding prowess and feel the excitement in the air.

Social Media and Updates:

Stay updated! We’ll be posting regular updates and leaderboard standings on our Instagram. Follow us to keep track of the competition’s progress and share in the excitement.

Are you ready to defy gravity and make your mark on the WOO Leaderboard? Join us for a month of excitement, competition, and sky-high fun at the High Five Height Competition!

Please note: By signing up for this comp you will be put on the mailing list for Lieuwe and WOO communications, you can opt out at anytime by replying to the email received.



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Name Height (m)