Feel the rush. Enjoy the ride.

Guided Downwinder

– Cape Town –

After you’ve mastered the skills of riding upwind, doing solid transitions or even your first small jumps on flat water, the next exciting step is to conquer the rough conditions of Bloubergstrand. Big swell and strong, sometimes gusty winds are common in this place. For many riders, these conditions can be quite intimidating at first.

Therefore we offer guided downwinders in Blouberg. During this advanced kitesurfing lesson, we will make sure you’ll safely master the skill of riding on the mighty ocean! We’ll give you the pointers you need to conquer the waves, improve your bodydragging in tough conditions and we’ll rescue your board. Since we’ll be in contact via radio helmets, we can also help you improve your first jumps, backrolls and many other riding skills.

What’s included?

Gear Rental

We’ll kit you out good and proper. We have a range of different kite sizes to suit your needs.


Nobody wants to do the walk of shame. Transport will be provided to take you to the start.

IKO Instructor

One of our certified IKO Instructors will guide you down the coast. They’ll be the Samwise to your Frodo.


If you want some extra training during your downwinder, we’ll kit you out with a radio headset.

Cold Beverage

Nothing like a refreshing beverage to quench your salty thirst.

F**king Good Time

We guarantee it.


Downwinders are 2 hours.

Guided downwinder